About Afficient Academy

Afficient Academy was founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley. We are devoted to developing a new generation of education programs based on modern technologies to empower students to excel. Our programs help students build solid foundations, learn and progress at their own pace, and advance ahead of the school curriculum to achieve their fullest potential.

Our programs are developed by our team of experienced educators, computer scientist and other professionals. Students who have used our programs are showing extraordinary results and are on their way to achieving great success.

Our Story

Dr. Jiayuan Fang, the Founder & CEO of Afficient Academy was a professor of Electrical Engineering for more than 12 years at the University of California and at the State University in New York.  He was also an entrepreneur of a highly successful technology company which was acquired a few years ago.

Being a father of three children, he was heavily involved in his children’s education and had the opportunity to evaluate many afterschool education programs. Having experienced serious deficiencies in many existing afterschool programs, he decided to start technology-based education programs that significantly enhance learning effectiveness.

Dr. Jiayuan Fang
Founder & CEO