In comparison with Learning Center programs of Kumon, JEI, Eye-Level, MPM or Mathnasium, Afficient Math, leveraged with modern technologies, enables students to learn much more efficiently. Afficient Math provides instant feedback to student’s work, no need to wait for worksheet or workbooks being graded manually. Students learn from their mistakes and figure out correct solutions right after such mistakes are made. Afficient Math helps students to build strong foundations by systematically identifying weak areas in the lower grades and leads students to fill lower grade gaps efficiently; which is impossible to be done efficiently by manually tracking all the student’s work. Afficient Math constantly analyzes the data of student’s work and optimizes the problem selection to maximize the gain of the student at the corresponding stage. A student passes a grade level when his/her academic performance reaches his/her goal (typically A+) which is constantly and rigorously assessed by Afficient Math program. The contents of Afficient Math align with US Common Core standards, so it directly helps students to improve their performance in school math classes and tests.